Hank Bull

Moved to Vancouver and joined Western Front in 1973.
Explored radio art and telecommunications from 1975.

1976-1984: The HP Show was a live-program broadcast weekly as a work in progress on, CFRO FM, Vancouver, from January 1976 until September 1984 (by Hank Bull and Patrick Ready).

"A jack of all trades, Hank has made cabaret performances, shadowplays, music, a lot of radio, video, etc. In 1979 he met Bill Bartlett and was introduced to a network of artists experimenting with telecommunications."

1979: takes part in the AUDIO SCENE 79 exhibition/symposium.

1982: takes part in Robert Adrian's The World in 24 Hours (Wiencouver III).

1983: takes part in La Plissure du Texte. "Artist Hank Bull, who participated in the event from the Vancouver node, described 'the result of this intense exchange' as a 'fat tome of Joycean pretensions that delved deep into the poetics of disembodied collaboration and weightless network rambling'."


About the HP Radio Show (incl. The HP Underwater Special):
http://kunstradio.at/HISTORY/WORKS/bull_ready_und.html(external link)
http://kunstradio.at/BIOS/bullbio.html(external link)

"Boy Can See With His Ears", Lecture/performance by Hank Bull at AUDIO SCENE 79
http://kunstradio.at/HISTORY/TCOM/WC/1979/boy.html(external link)

Judy Malloy, "A Conversation with Hank Bull", on the Interactive Art Conference on Arts Wire, November 1996.
http://www.well.com/%7Ecouey/interactive/bull.html(external link)

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