Farmers Manual

Farmers Manual is an electronic music and visual art group, founded in Vienna in the beginning of the nineties. The core members of the collective are Mathias Gmachl, Stefan Possert, Oswald Berthold, Gert Brantner and Nik Gaffney.


1995: Farmers Manual: Does Not Compute (12", Tray)
1996: Farmers Manual: No Backup (CD+, Mego 008)
1997: Farmers Manual: fsck (CD, Tray)
1998: Farmers Manual: Explorers_We (CD, OR)

1999, October: Farmers Manual stage the networked audio-visual performance "Help Us Stay Alive" in Montréal, at FCMM festival.

2000: CD_Slopper: SaskieWoxi (CD, OR)
2001: Gcttcatt: Amperase (CD+, Mego 021)
2002: pxp: while(p){print"."," "x$p++} (CD, Wavetrap)
2003: Farmers Manual: RLA (DVD-Video/ROM, Mego 777) link)

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