Bill Bartlett

1979: Bill Bartlett organizes "Interplay", a computer communications project for the "Computer Culture" conference in Toronto. It is the first artistic use of the I.P. Sharp network.

1980: The on-line part of the "Artists' Use of Telecommunications Conference" was organised by Bill Bartlett for "La Mamelle" (an artist-run space in San Francisco) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMMA).

1982: Organizes the Vancouver node for "The World in 24 Hours", together with Hank Bull. Location: Western Front Society, Vancouver. Participants: Henry Bull, Bill Bartlett, Kate Craig, Gien Lewis and members of the Western Front Society. Media: Slow-Scan Television (receive only) (Robot 530)/ Telefax (3M 2346)/Computer Timesharing (IP Sharp), Confer and ARTBOX.

1983: Takes part in the Wiencouver IV communication event, at Western Front, Vancouver.

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