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ArtCom Electronic Network, a WELL Conference and archive started in 1986 by Carl Loeffler and Fred Truck. Artworks created or published on ACEN on the WELL included John Cage (The First Meeting of the Satie Society), Judy Malloy (Uncle Roger, Bad Information, Thirty Minutes in the Late Afternoon), Jim Rosenberg (Diagram Series) and Sonya Rapoport (Digital Mudra Online).
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ArtCom is a San Francisco-based arts organization which runs The ARTCOM Electronic Network (ACEN), an on-line magazine forum dedicated to the interface of contemporary art and new communication technologies. ACEN runs on the WELL as a conference, part of which consists of an on-line art gallery. Among the works which have appeared are "Diagram Series" by Jim Rosenberg, "The Heart of the Machine" by Ian Ferrier, Uncle Roger by Judy Malloy, and "The First Meeting of the Satie Society" by John Cage. In Canada it may be easier to access ARTCOM through Matrix at Inter/Access.
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ArtCom (the ArtCom Electronic Network) is a conferencing system within the W.E.L.L. dedicated to exploring the relationship between the arts and new electronic technologies. ArtCom offers topics of interest to both conventional artists and computer-based artists as well as new and experimental forms of online art and conversation. ArtCom is fun, friendly, and very stimulating. The ArtCom Library stores the ArtCom Newsletter and other electronic magazines and text files of interest, while the ArtCom Mall lets you shop for art books and publications. ArtCom is also available on USENET.
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In that sense, the «Electronic Cafe» (1984) was a direct forerunner of the ArtCom Electronic Network (ACEN) founded in 1986, as well as of 1990s context-based systems like The Thing (New York and other locations), De Digitale Stad (Amsterdam) and International City Federation (Berlin).
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