Acoustic Space/56h LIVE

Acoustic Space/56h LIVE
Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
8-10 September 1998

"Perhaps the largest and longest Xchange project happened in September 1998, when around 20 members gathered in Linz, Austria, and performed Open-X, a live 56-hour webcast. The "webjam" included a long list of remote participants."

See also report in Acoustic Space 2, Riga: E-lab, 1999, pp. 34-40, and Zina Kaye's post on Xchange, September 7, 1998, which includes the names of the participants and a program.

Source: LOVINK, Geert: "A History of the Xchange Network", excerpted from My First Recession. Available online: link)

Official website: link)

The Xchange project got the 2nd prize "Award of Destinction" in the competition "PRIX Ars Electronica'98" in .net category.

"Xchange project "Acoustic Space/56h LIVE" at Ars Electronica'98 Festival was first international Xchange meeting in 'real space'. There were around 10 remote and 25 onsite net.broadcasters from all over the world (Zina K.Sydney, b2men/Pararadio/Budepest, Borut Savski/MZX/Ljubljana, Honor Harger/Radioqualia/Adelaide, and many others from Riga, Berlin, Ljubljana, London, Amsterdam, Budapest - participating in this 56h LIVE broadcasting project.
The idea of the project was to create a live audio environment during the entire Ars Electronica festival in 1998, using real-time net audio technologies (real audio), including an open broadcasting studio in the 'real' space, as well as the creation of a virtual sound environment in cyberspace, involving both on-site and remote participants." src: link)

Original anouncement:
"Xchange are broadcasting live from OpenX at Ars Electronica from Monday 7
- Thursday 10 September. The Xchange network are a collection of different
groups and individuals from around the world, experimenting with
and audio. 25 participants of the Xchange network are gathered at OpenX.
The live broadcasts created at the Acoustic Space will involve
collaborations with remote participants and other OpenX groups, such as
Kunstradio, the Infowar web magazine, Radio Fro and HEART."
Source: link)

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