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ZK Proceedings 1995, xerox zine/reader distributed at the second Next Five Minutes conference, Amsterdam, January 1996.

"ZKP stands for 'Zentralkomitee', a reference to the first meeting we held in the Spessart forrest near Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in march 1995, hosted by Verein 707 under the title 'Medien-ZK'. The discussion there (mainly attended by Germans) resulted in the international 'nettime' meeting in Venice (june 1995), hosted by Club Berlin, where we for the first time formulated some elements of 'net criticism'. One of the results of that meeting was the 'nettime' mailinglist." (src(external link))

<nettime> was born out of the immediatist 'Medien ZK' gatherings, a series of open, informal, international meetings centered around 'netculture and its discontents' in Spessart, Venice, Budapest and now Amsterdam. Herein, we discussed telecom policies, multiple personalities, the city metaphor, neo-vitalists, Californian Ideologies, Wired critique, tribalism in the net and elsewhere, the tragic end of net.art, the comeback of the Enemy (Telekom, Scientology, Netscape) and rumours about wandering websites. In between the meetings the <nettime> mailinglist was used to select and distribute the articles which you can find here in print, the 'ZK Proceedings 95'" (Geert Lovink & Pit Schultz, Go Paper(external link))

http://www.medialounge.net/lounge/workspace/nettime/(external link)
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