Jean-Luc Godard

1954: Opération Béton

1959: À bout de souffle

1963: Le Mépris

1965: Alphaville

1967: La Chinoise, Weekend

Rejoining his colleagues from "Cahiers du Cinema", Godard participated in the 1968 demonstrations over the dismissal of Henri Langlois as head of the "Cinematheque Francaise" which for them tied in with the famous nationwide worker strikes and student unrest which came to a head in May.

From 1968 through 1972, Godard made 11 films, over half in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Gorin (whose involvement varied from project to project), and most released as signed by the "Dziga-Vertov Group."

1972: ''Tout va bien)):

1973: the Dziga-Vertov Group disbanded.

1973-1979: Atelier Sonimage. Godard moved to video, both because it was a better medium for the essays and experimentation he had in mind and because TV had by this time become the best way to communicate with the largest number of people. In 1975, he left Paris for Grenoble, and collaboration with Anne-Marie Mieville, his third wife.

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