Digital Hardcore

1972: Alec Empire born on May 2, in West Berlin.

By the turn of the decade, Empire became fascinated by the sound of acid and techno, though he detested the drug culture inherent at raves.

1992: Alec Empire begins recording EPs for Force Inc — as well as their subsidiary, Mille Plateaux — and formed Atari Teenage Riot in 1992, with Carl Crack and Hanin Elias.

1993: Atari Teenage Riot publish their first single, ATR, on Phonogram/Vertigo.

1994: After an Atari Teenage Riot deal with British Phonogram collapsed, Empire used the cash in hand from the Phonogram contract to found Digital Hardcore Recordings in 1994, releasing EPs that year by himself as well as EC8OR, DJ Bleed, and Sonic Subjunkies.

1995: Mille Plateax released three Alec Empire albums: the compilation Limited Editions 90-94; his proper debut album, Generation Star Wars; and Low on Ice (The Iceland Sessions). That same year, Atari Teenage Riot recorded Delete Yourself! (originally titled 1995), the first album to be released on Digital Hardcore.

1996: After two 1996 LPs, Hypermodern Jazz 2000.5 and Les Etoiles de Filles Mortes, Empire issued his first album for Digital Hardcore, The Destroyer. Soon after, the DHR collective — including ATR and EC8OR — toured the States at the invitation of Grand Royal Records, the label operated by the Beastie Boys. Grand Royal began releasing 7" singles by Empire, ATR, and EC8OR at the end of 1996.

1997: Early the following year, many of Empire's albums were given U.S. releases by his self-formed Geist Records, and Atari Teenage Riot released their American debut, Burn, Berlin, Burn.


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