"The Skladanowsky didn't invent the movie theatre. Max Skladanowsky built a camera with which he also printed positives from his negatives, and a projecting device, the Bioscop(e). This projector was not inferior to the Lumière machine. From the point of view of the engineer the two machines equalled more or less within chronophotography. To arrive at cinematography, one has to be able to sustain image steadiness and remove flicker. Skladanowsky's Bioscope is weaker in the point of steadiness, but flickerfree. Lumière's Domitor, as it was always named by father Lumière Claude Antoine, has good steadiness, but flickers horribly. There was a patent blocking on multiple interruption of the light in projection in France, noteably by the man who actually built the 200 Cinématographes for the Lumière family. Isn't that piquant?"

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