Bill Dolson

Born 1952, Oak Park, Illinois.

1970-1971: Engineering Assistant, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Performed research in holography and coherent optical imaging systems and optical memories, hybrid digital/optical image processing.

1972-1973: Research Assistant, Center for Advanced Computation University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Performed research in computer graphics and digital image processing, developing system for processing and display of LANDSAT imagery on ILLIAC IV. (The Center for Advanced Computation later became NCSA, the Nation Center for Supercomputer Applications, of Mosaic/Netscape fame.)

1973-1974: Research Programmer, ANTS - ARPANET Terminal Systems, Champaign, IL. Engaged in real-time data communications operating system design for an ARPANET terminal access system. ANTS was a spin-off from the Center for Advanced Computation. Implemented Telnet file handlers and network graphics protocols.

1978: Development with Scott Simeral of concepts for "event-responsive" interactive environments. Formed Retina, Inc. as an "art business" (with conceptual underpinnings) to explore these ideas. In 1981 Retina, Inc. transformed into Architel Systems, Inc. a "real" business, by attracting venture capital funding.

1978-1985: President, Architel Systems, Inc., New York, NY. Founder and CEO of manufacturer of microcomputer-based lighting control systems for building automation. Acted as principal designer of complex system including line and low voltage equipment, proprietary LAN, and central processor with proprietary real-time kernel.

1981-1983: Collaboration with with Peter Fend's OECD - Ocean Earth Construction and Development, Inc. Another art business which used satellite remote sensing data to propose geopolitical solutions and marketed remote sensing data to the media.

1989-1991: Gradually distanced from art practice and increasingly involved in a Futurist-inspired obsession with auto racing and racing car construction.

2005: Form Heaven & Earth Foundation as an enabling entity for the Large Scale works.


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