Beauty and the East

'Beauty and the East'
A Nettime Conference (2. Nettime Spring Meeting)
22nd and 23rd of May 1997
Location: Ljudmila (Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, part of Open Society Institute - Slovenia)

"The Nettime Spring Meeting "Beauty and the East", hosted by Ljudmila, took place in May of this year in Ljubljana and was an important shift as the first Nettime meeting to not simply parasite another, larger event and included over 100 international activists, artists, theoreticians, and writers. The topics included, the role of NGO's in post government society, and the future of publishing. In conjunction with this meeting, ZKP4 was published. ZKP4 is a 36 page newspaper with a print run of 10,000 and is now in a process of global distribution. " (Diana McCarty: Nettime: the legend and the myth(external link), July 1997)

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